Life in Europe’s Capitals and the modeling career both in New York and London inspired Kristina Rudy to create timeless brand of women’s wear, which can be admired and worn by the ladies of all the cultures and ages.

    RUDY I EYE is the representation of designer’s vision and understanding of the true quality, sustainability and original craftsmanship.
    Using the finest materials and garments we cooperate with the most advanced world’s factories and individual craftsman, in order to creat an outstanding piece of your wardrobe, which will serve and bring you Joy for many seasons.

    Luxury and sustainaility shoud go hand by hand, that is way we believe even the smallest details matter when caring for our planet. We partnerd with suppliers that share a common values, practices and principles with respect to ethics, social responsibility and the use of organic materials in a sustainable way for protection of the environment.

    All leather pieces are crafted with leather that has been produced in certified Leather Working Group standarts, ensuring that the manufacturing process has reduce the environmental impact.

    Any leather used in our products is veg-tan, this technique involves using natural vegetable tannings and is more environmentally friendly than regular leather tanning. Any leather used is also made from waste from the meat industry which means it’s a byproduct.